Tributes & Options

I do not have a flat rate. I prefer to adjust My tributes based on the type and length of session, number of people involved and what city etc. Sessions are a price that you could expect to pay any professional at the top of their game with 12 years of experience.

Session tribute starts at $300 for an hour to hour and a half of My unrushed time.

Sessions with couples start at $400 for an hour to hour and a half

I do offer a bit of a discount for sessions of two hours or more.

I also offer overnight and extended sessions and trainings.

Some people need My help as a Domina yet don't want or maybe aren't ready for a professional BDSM session yet.

Perhaps you are a crossdresser and are looking for an understanding and kinky soul to meet with you while you are dressed for lunch? $200

I also love to be spoiled and enjoy meeting My loyal and loving slaves at the mall or out for shopping for some lovely things. $150 plus at least $200 worth of gifts.

Perhaps you have a lot of questions about BDSM and would like to sit down with Me and pick My brain? I can meet you for an hour long coffee date for discussion $150 or a dinner or lunch date at one of My favorite restaurants for a more in depth mental session $250

ALL sessions require a 50% deposit. There are no exceptions, I do not book sessions without deposits. If I give you a price for your request do not haggle with Me, this is not a grocery store and there is no sale today. Please see My FAQ for questions relating to this issue.

Generally speaking the people who have a problem booking in advance and sending a deposit are the same people who do not intend to show up for sessions. If you are afraid that this is an elaborate scam to get your money without actually doing a session, rest assured that I have multiple sparkling references from other Domians, dunegons I have worked at and clients and slaves who have served Me, I would be happy to put you in touch with any one of them.


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