Things You Should Know Before Booking

There are many options for booking a session with Me. I see ALL different types of people. Individuals, couples, gay, straight, transgendered, unsure and sometimes even poly groups!

I particularly enjoy doing sessions with couples. Whether you want one of you to watch the other become a slave, or if ypu want some guidance and help weaving BDSM into your already existing relationship, I am open to hearing multiple scenarios you could come up with.

Write Me a polite letter of introduction. NOT a one line sentence, NOT “can I c u 2day?” With your number. That's not how this works. I see a select group of clientele who are put together and respectful. Tell Me about yourself, what you do, your marital status, where you are located, what your experience with BDSM is, when you were hoping to book with Me and where, what sort of session you were looking for and what your kink interests are. Make Me want to write back to you. Put some effort, you are attempting to serve a world class Domina with 12 years experience, respect Me enough to write a polite letter of introduction. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, as long as you are asking respectfully.

You may refer to Me as Mistress or Goddess, NOT Ma'am, baby, honey, hun or anything else. I am a GODDESS and expect to be treated as such at all times.

DO NOT ask Me if you can perform oral sex on Me DO NOT ask Me for anything that would be considered prostitution or is illegal. If you send Me a ridiculous or rude email you will be posted to My blog: and you will be openly mocked and called out, not in a fun sexy way.

If you wish to truly impress Me start by sending Me something nice from My wishlist, it' a great way to see who is serious about completing the booking process and who I should give My attentions to.

Wishlist here:

Please read My FAQ and look over all the information on My site before asking Me questions. If you ask Me questions that have clearly been answered on My site I will assume you can't follow instructions, and it's very, very important to Me that My slaves be able to follow simple instructions without being told twice or hand holding. When you have thought long and hard about what you are seeking you may contact Me by filling out the session application here:

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Once you have filled out your application I will get back to you as quickly as time allows. Do not send Me multiple emails

asking if I got your first email.

Please check the calendar page to see when I will be visiting your city, and when and where I am available.

You may request a particular look or outfit you would like to see Me in. I have a ridiculous amount of costumes, nun, school girl, nurse, army babe as well as a wide variety of vinyl, leather corsets, lingerie, lace, spandex, gowns, shoes, heels, boots and sneakers, wigs, gloves, nylons, garters etc. Please let Me know what you are looking for, if I do not have it, I always love when slaves buy Me new hot things to wear in session. PLEASE do not just bring in whatever you would like to see Me in, discuss it with Me first, I am not a doll to be dressed up, I have a wishlist just FILLED with great options of things I already want.

I am not a fan of bratty bottoms and mouthy subs. I am, extremely old guard, I am a huge fan of protocol, compose yourself accordingly. I understand the fetish of topping from the bottom and being a brat in order to get punished, but just because I understand it does not mean I am into it. I do not play in this way, I prefer humble slaves who know their place.

I am NOT a FEMMEDOMME< yes, I am a female, and a femmey one at that, and I am indeed a Domina, but I do not subscribe to the female supremacy way of life. I believe in gender equality. I have immense respect for My slaves. If you are one of these guys who wants to talk endlessly about how males are inferior, you are wasting your time with Me. I do not want pathetic useless slaves. I believe a Mistress cannot exist without Her slave and vice versa, if you think of yourself as subhuman I suggest you find a Mistress who feels the same way.


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