Bella Vendetta is a founding member of Rites of Passage Suspension Group, and an active member over the last 13 years. ROP performs safe and sterile flesh hook suspensions as part of a rite of passage for individuals and at large gatherings as well as using suspension as performance art on stages across the globe.

ROP has chapters in MI, TX, RI, CT, NJ, NY, MA, CT. We have our most active chapters in NYC, Boston and here in western MA (berkshire county)

we have a permanent indoor location with heat in the berkshires for suspension, and always prefer to do outdoor suspensions in the woods when weather allows. The members of the group frequently attend suspension conventions and events internationally as teachers leading workshops and sharing education with other practitioners in the body modification industry.

Bella herself has done many shows on stages across America, as well as appearing on both the National Geographic Channel and the discovery channel, most notably on Humanly Impossible, clip here:

You can also see some of Bella's more performance oriented suspensions shows here:

If you are interested in doing a suspension with our crew please send a polite letter of introduction, letting us know a bit about yourself, where you are from, how old you are, if you have any medical concerns, and what type of suspension you are interested in doing.

For more info on suspension please visit

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NO, I will not suspend for your crappy art project, or at your club for $100. If you are interested in a suspension performance to be booked at your venue prices start at $700.

No, I will not do a suspension for free under any circumstances. I am putting My body thru a trauma and will have scars for the rest of My life to show for it, of course I expect to be compensated accordingly.


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