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  • General slave training and protocol, during anyone's first session with Me this is a must. Whether you are an experienced submissive or a complete novice, you will need to be trained in proper protocol, etiquette slave postures, how to correctly beg and so on. For some newbies we can do a whole session just going over slave protocol. This is a great way to learn about the BDSM culture and lifestyle.
  • Contact sport and MMA sessions. Bella LOVES to get sweaty while doing WRESTLING or boxing sessions and enjoys using her knowledge of grappling, sweeps and holds on submissives. Wrestling and grappling play can range from sessions where submissives just like to be put into certain holds, maybe you want a staged fight where a beautiful Woman can stand in a victory pose over you, or maybe you are interested in a competitive bout. Many times for these sessions I have a safe person present, generally another beautiful Woman to act as referee and help Me humiliate you in every way. I do have My own grappling gloves and boxing gloves and am currently in the market for some boxing shorts. Stringent screening process and pre scene negotiations are a must for these sessions for both of our safety.

  • Leg/ foot/ heel/shoe worship sessions. I have a severe foot fetish Myself, and get completely turned on by having My long 43: legs worshipped and My perfectly pedicured size 7 tattooed feet kissed and adored, I have a very large collection of heels, pumps, open toes, sneakers, boots, thigh highs, nylons, cuban heeled stockings, tights, fishnets, back seamed stockings, leg warmers and ALL sorts of other footwear and hosiery. If I don't have what you are looking for you are welcome to buy Me something from My wishlist.

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  • Body worship. Bella very much enjoys making you beg to worship her perfect body, but body worship sessions never include breasts or genitals and all slaves are expected to act in an appropriate manner during these sessions. My favorite types of body worship include elbows, knees and armpits.
  • Corporal punishment. I found this definition of corporal punishment on wiki and loved it:

Corporal punishment is a form of physical punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behavior deemed unacceptable. The term usually refers to methodically striking the offender with the open hand or with an implement, whether in judicial, domestic, or educational settings.

I have a wide variety of floggers, whips, paddles, hairbrushes, leather strops, canes and all sorts of percussion toys to teach you a lesson with.

  • Interrogation scenes. I enjoy breaking you during lengthy interrogation scenes. These are a particular favorite of Mine. I have an EXCELLENT scary warehouse space where no one will hear your scream for these types of sessions. I love doing staged kidnappings and abductions. These sessions can be an hour long fantasy or an extended grueling torture including sensory deprivation and hoods. I have all sorts of fun army outfits, nun costumes, school girls, nurse....and I'm always open to hear your new kinky ideas.
  • Medical play, naughty nurse and needle play. With 12 years in the body modification scene and as a founding member of Rites of Passage Suspension Group, I have a lot of training and knowledge about safe and sterile play piercing, bio hazardous conditions and cross contamination. Needles, skewers, hooks, sutures, staples and more! Needle play is another activity that is not great for first time clients. Medical play, playing doctor, hot nurse and all sort of other medical fantasies welcome.
  • Edge play. I have a gorgeous collection of swords, daggers, pocket knives, machetes, fantasy blades, straight razors, claw gloves and rings and all sorts of other lovely sharp and shiny things to taunt you with. I do love someone helpless and tied up while I sharpen My blades....This and more extreme types of play will require a more stringent screening process and are not necessarily a good fit for a first time slave.

  • Tease and denial. My years as an exotic dancer make Me adept at driving you wild with desire with just a flick of My heel...oh how I love to have you bound and while I torment you mercilessly.
  • Jerk Off Instruction/Small cock humiliation/verbal degradation. I am very good at telling you what to do. You'll be begging Me for more I promise. My experience in the porn industry has allowed Me to fuck the biggest baddest and most famous male pornstar cocks. Let Me tell you all about how you'll never be good enough for Me.
  • Forced bi/strapon/cuckold fantasy. I love oral training with My big fat strapon, show off your skills for Me! I even have male Masters who may be available for sessions with Me, but no one ever offers sex or anything illegal during sessions with Me.
  • Dolcett fetish and kitchen play. Bella is a foodie at heart and enjoys incorporating her love of gourmet cuisine into fetish scenes in many ways. I love to be wined and dined at fabulous restaurants, or perhaps you want to sip champagne from My slipper? I love to prepare you to be roasted, basting, garnishing you and then serving you to My dinner guests. Food fetishes can take on all different forms, please tell Me what your food fantasy is.
  • CBT/nipple& foot torture. I love to flick, pinch, pull, slap smack, kick and punch your tender bits. I also have all sorts of clamps, forceps, hot wax, high heels, pinwheels and other implements to help Me.
  • Religious and race themed play. Some consider it taboo, and there are some forms of this play I will not engage in. I will certainly not judge you if you respectfully write to Me and tell me your fantasy surrounding these themes.
  • Sensation play and sensual Domination. As cruel as I can be, I also enjoy the softer side of play, with things like furs, silk scarves, massage oils, masks, ice, mummification and sensory deprivation. BDSM does not have to be all about pain, I can gently coax you into serving Me.
  • Golden showers/toilet training. While I do truly enjoy giving golden showers, this is something I reward a trusted slave with. Not everyone who offers Me money is good enough to receive My shower. This is a reward you will work towards, and not during a first time session. I do NOT engage in brown or roman showers so do NOT ask. I may however be able to direct you to a Mistress who can give you what you are looking for.
  • Smoking fetish/human ashtray. Cigarette holders, beautiful Women blowing smoke in your face, big bursts and puff, smoke rings perhaps? Cigar play as well!
  • Age play. Diaper training, bottle feeding, coloring books, bad babysitter, auntie Mommy, nursey, Nanna, Governess play. Age play is another fetish with so many facets to it, I really enjoy learning about them all. Please tell Me your fantasy. *as a side, Mistress Bella is exploring the option of doing professional submissive sessions ONLY regarding age play. If you are interested in a session with Daddy's Girl please see the info here.
  • Animal Training. Horse, pony play, puppies kitties, snakes, beats, I love My little pets and they love to play with Me! But don't be bad, or Mistress will have to cage you to teach you a lesson.
  • FinDom/Blackmail. I love consensual blackmail! I love shopping sprees on your dime, I love telling you how to spend all of your hard earned cash on Me, and I know you feel complete when you watch Me swipe your credit card. Let Me call you to tell you how I've taken My girlfriends out for a night on the town...on your credit card! This can also involve cam, photos, teamviewer, phone, online chat and other implements to drain your bank account. I will tell you right now that I get this request dozens of times weekly, very few people are actually serious about it. If you'd just like to TALK about this fantasy, you may Call My 800 number: If you would like to actually be serious, you should start by sending Me a gift from My wishlist BEFORE you even contact Me. It's a great way for Me to be able to see who's serious and who is just a time waster.


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