slaves Needed!

I am always accepting exceptional individuals to serve Me on a personal basis.

All genders and walks of life, ages, races and backgrounds may apply for this position.

Your age, race, weight and experience level is not as important to me as your willingness to serve, learn and your level of devotion.

Now is a great time to join My leather family, and I could use a lot of help

As a general rule I like to do at LEAST one professional session with someone before considering them for a lifestyle slave position. However I have made exceptions for exceptional individuals. Consider your words and the way you present yourself to Me carefully.

I am in need of a sissy maid, someone to clean, do laundry, keep house, do dishes, ironing, dusting, folding, shining, sweeping, mopping, organizing etc. I am a VERY particular bitch so if you think you have what it takes to serve Me in My home be prepared for strict scrutiny.

I am in need of a driver. Someone with a nice car who knows his or her place, who can silently wait for My commands during performances, conventions etc. A sexy chaffuer who should also like to be errand boy, fetch Me whatever I need and wine and dine Me.


Personal slaves looking for ongoing training who want to help with the construction of My dungeon, more info here: If you would like to trade session time for work and materials for the space we may be able to arrange something. If you would like serious ongoing training, to be owned and collared, then this is a wonderful journey for us to go on together.

Since a GODDESS such as Myself is so busy, I am opening up a unique position for a household slave.

I am looking for a devoted, loyal slave who wishes to take their training to the next level and devote themselves completely to an experienced Madame.

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  Below is a list that compiles my IDEAL slave. These are not deal breakers but gives a good idea for what I am looking for.

I AM NOT looking for a live in slave. DO NOT even ask, All of My slaves have their own lives and make their own income, you will never ever get to live with Me EVER!


~Over 30

~Have a flexible schedule

~have reliable transportation

~have some computer knowledge including social networking sites, graphic design and/or photo video editing skills

~Be a good driver

~Be adept at giving body massages

~would have other special skills that made him/her useful such as carpentry, fixing cars. Cooking etc.

~Must be good with animals

~would be familiar with My work, and willing to be a part of My website and scenes

~would be bisexual

~would be able to attend public events proudly as My slave without fear of being outed by someone in your community

~would be employed and have some sense of financial security. (you do not have to be RICH to be My slave, but I do enjoy being pampered with gifts and taken out from time to time. I will also never want to foot the bill if we do go out)

~comfortable in crowds and not have to be coddled and babysat during events etc.

~would be able to follow instructions without being told twice

~would be humble

~would be utterly devoted to Me.

~would be willing to serve other Dommes, models and visitors as I saw fit.

~would be STD free and able to provide current test results

~would not be on any medication or have any other drug dependency issues.

~would be in good physical condition

~be adept at scheduling and organization

~Must be serious about training and becoming the best slave they can be.

Your duties would include:

~Help with My web activities, including fan pages, video and photo editing, resizing etc

~household chores such as sweeping, mopping, dishes and massage

~periodic house/dog sitting

~Driving! I often need a chauffeur for rides to and from the airport, events and performances

~Helping me run my booths during conventions and expos.

~Picking up and dropping off other models and out of town visitors as well as attending to their needs.

Your number one duty as My personal slave is to attend to My personal needs! I am strict and do not make any bones about this.

You must be available a minimum of twice a month for four hour periods, Preferred to have one overnight intensive training a month. Also to be available for other events etc as they arise.

In return you will have the esteemed position of Bella Vendetta’s personal house slave. You’ll be helping make a sexual revolution happen and be surrounded by beautiful people!

If you think you have what it takes to please Me, and you want to apply for this position, please send Me a polite letter of introduction telling Me about yourself, your background, your life and why you want to serve Me.

Short notes such as: “you are hot I want to serve you” will be deleted.

Serious Inquiries only,

Please fill out the personal slave application here:


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