slave Application

This is an application NOT for professional BDSM sessions but to serve Me on a personal basis. If you are interested in booking a professional BDSM session with Me you may fill out the session application here:

before filling this out you should read all the info for what I am looking for here:


Valid email address:

Phone number:

Best time to be reached:




Marital status:

Do you drive and do you have your own vehicle?

What is your level of experience with BDSM:

Have you ever seen a Professional Domina before? Or played seriously with anyone in your private life?

Have you ever been collared or owned?

If so, why are you seeking a new Domina?

Can you provide references from a past Domina?

What appeals to you about training with Me?

What are your expectations from Me?

How familiar are you with My adult work, and My websites? and

Would you be willing to be photographed to be a part of the website?

What are your kink interests?

Any medical concerns?

Physical concerns?

Emotional concerns?

Psychological concerns?

Are you interested in a BDSM relationship where you only serve Me, or would you be interested in servicing and serving both Myself and other females/models etc who visit the house?

Where did you hear about Me?

Dietary restrictions?

Religious affiliations?

Do you have children?


Have you ever worked for any law enforcement agency?

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What is your day to day like/work schedule? (ie: do you work 9-5, from home, get up at 5 am to do yoga? Etc)


Monthly income?

Are you on any medications?

Recreational drugs?

Do you attend therapy sessions of any kind?

Do you or can you learn to love two quirky Chihuahuas?

Can you send photos of yourself?

Are you available for a real life meeting with Myself?

Would you consider doing a paid session first, to see if our energies are complimentary to each other?

Any special skills? Ie: carpentry, computers, massages, electric work etc?

What would you do to spoil your Domme for the day (“whatever She wants” is not a correct answer, I want to know things that YOU enjoy doing to please your Dominant.)

Any questions you may have for Me?


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