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Have you always dreamed of sessioning with an experienced, trained slave? Someone sexy and submissive to play with you. I have a multitude of male and female (and even trans) slaves available for professional sessions. I do not “rent out” My slaves, I am always present during sessions. Even if you are new to the scene but feel you may have a Dominant streak, let Me help you and show you safe ways of play. Perhaps you are a couple and want to both be served by a gorgeous slave.

Mistress Bella Vendetta is now accepting select sessions as a submissive, dealing with age play only. Screening will be extremely stringent, and I will always have a safe person present. I am NOT available to perform any sex acts for you or with you. I do very much enjoy dancing in mud puddles, coloring books, twister, cute panties, lollipops, carnivals, cotton candy, stuffed animals and all sorts of other “little” activities that we can role play and explore together. I AM NOT available for submissive sessions of any other kind. I don't have DADDYS GIRL tattooed on Me for nothing! DO NOT ASK, I have plenty of other people I work with who would be happy to make your fantasies come true.

Please fill out the session application and let Me know in detail what you are looking for.

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