I do not give out My number, no matter how hard you beg. If you live far away and would like to talk to Me, or if you want Me to describe what I would do to you during a session while you jerk off, or if you want to call Me while I'm out to lunch so I can ignore you, or maybe you'd like Me to tell you a bedtime story. Phone is a great option if you have a lot of questions about a session but can't come to Me in person. You may call Me and see My schedule for when I am accepting calls here:

Call Button

I have many different hotlines set up on My niteflirt account. I have a line you can call just to talk about My feet, a Q&A line if you have questions about a session etc, a financial domination hotline with the capability to also cam, a domesticated pornstar hotline that I put on JUST when I'm cooking or cleaning, an ignore line where you can just listen in to whatever fabulous thing I am doing, and a hotline where I read bedtime stories some nights. Visit My full profile to see all the options. You may also tip Me here, as well as purchase photosets and prerecorded instructions.

You may also write Me a polite letter of introduction to the and let Me know what type of phone session you are looking for, and we can schedule a time to make it happen.

I do have some slaves that I do ongoing phone training with...such as texting photos of Myself to them, checking in and seeing how the progress is going with slave training etc. if this is something you are interested in please send Me a polite email letting Me know what you are looking for.

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