New Studio in the Works!

COMING SOON! Be very excited, because Mistress Bella Vendetta finally has a dungeon to call Her very own! At last, I have found the perfect, extremely discreet location in western MA in the Berkshire Hills. Conveniently located a short distance from Albany area, springfield area, vermont and all of MA. Beautiful view of the mountains, parking, bathroom, custom dungeon furniture! Location to be to be disclosed at a later date!

The space needs ALOT of work before I can open it as My dungeon, photo studio and office. I am humbly accepting all the help I can get!

I need people! Bodies to help Me! Slaves to serve Me! You can see more info about what I am looking for here:

I know I have fans and friends from all over the world. If you are too far away to serve Me but still want to help make My dream a reality you can donate to the kickstarter project email me :

The studio has it's very own wishlist, you can feel free to send anything from the wishlist directly to Me! Please see the wishlist here:

I am also accepting gift cards to Home Depot & Target & WalMart I am also accepting certain items gifted in person. Do you have painting supplies, drywall, plywood, space heaters, insulation, something else that may be of use for construction? Please write and let Me know how you would like to help!

The studio will also have a “yellow brick” road leading through the performance space, and you will be able to “buy a brick” for $100 you can have your name or business inscribed on the path to perversity for everyone who enters to see. All gifts from the dungeon wishlist over $100 will also receive a brick in their name. If you are interested in helping with this project please fill out the general contact form here:

This space will not only serve as a dungeon space in which I will conduct professional BDSM sessions, but I will be able to open the space of for TNG young people's BDSM groups, community workshops, rope lessons, private dungeon rental for couples.

The space is a multi room huuuuge discreet location which will have a religious themed room, a cross dressing room, age play section, heavy bondage equiptment and a kitchen. No windows, no way for anyone to know where you are....

I am of course looking for a new Mistress in training for this space, as well as some devoted slaves.


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