Can I have your phone number? No, I do not make My phone number available immediately to new slaves. You can call Me here: www.niteflirt.com/BellaVendetta If it is your first time booking with Me you will be required to provide a number that I will call you on the day of our session to confirm, if you desire to talk to Me before that My 800 number is your best option.

Where are you located? I hail from western MA but travel very often. I am frequently in NYC, Los Angeles, Denver, Boston, NH, CT and Maine. 2013 I also have travel plans for Dallas, Toronto and the Dominican Republic. I am currently building a dungeon space (learn more here:) in berkshire county, western MA, until that studio is finished I do have space I can use, and also travel to springfield/ct for sessions. If I have a lot of response from a certain area I will consider being a Guest Mistress there. OR if you simply must have Me and don't mind spending a pretty penny doing so you can book Me for a special trip just to come beat you!

You're sessions start at $300!? Do you offer any discounts for students/ex military/senior citizens? No, no I don't this isn't Sam;s club, and it is not a grocery store, there is no sale today. I ask for a rate that I am comfortable receiving, I won't disrespect you by trying to talk you into doing things you have clearly said you are uncomfortable doing, please afford Me the same courtesy. If you feel you must serve Me but cannot afford the whole tribute you might want to consider if you have something of value to offer Me. Particular things of interest are: mechanical work, dental work, computer, camera and light equipment, woodworking, paint and painting, for more info on this option see here.

But I saw Mistress so and so from craigslist for $150! That's nice, perhaps you should go back and see Mistress so and so. Did your cousin do your tattoo in his kitchen for $25 too? Do not waste My time or yours trying to haggle with Me on price. If Mistress so and so was charging $150 she most likely does not have 12 years of experience, or any formal training. You get what you pay for, I promise you that you will leave a session with Me thinking how silly it was that you ever considered $300 to be a lot of money for such a wonderful experience.

I want to be your personal house slave/maid/driver etc. I am always accepting new slaves into My leather family from all genders and walks of life. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this means you session for free. If you want a deeper experience with BDSM and want to truly become a lifestyle slave perhaps you are looking for something more than a professional session. YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO DO AT LEAST ONE Professional session with Me before I decide if we are compatible, if our energies mesh and if we both want to pursue a higher level of training together. There is a very stringent screening process, I DO NOT let just anyone who writes come into My home to serve Me, it is an honor you will work towards. If you are interested in that option see here.

I am nervous about doing a session for the first time, what should I do? I have a new option for new slaves catering to just that problem! You can book a lunch, coffee date or formal dinner with Me. Once you've had a chance to sit down and talk with Me in a relaxed atmosphere and have a chance to have all of your questions answered in person you may be more at ease. You can also book a cam session with Me where we just talk, or you can call My 800 number.

Do you ever have sex with clients during sessions, I want you to tie Me up and ride My face while you jerk Me off? No, I do not have sex with clients ever. Don't even bother asking. I do NOT partake in illegal behavior or sexual activity. I'm not just saying this for legal reasons. Your BDSM experience with Me will NOT include you having sex with Me. I have absolutely NO interest in having sex with you, do NOT try to talk Me into it. Any request for prostitution will be shamed in My blog www.shitMyfanssay.livejournal.com read it for five minutes to get an idea of what NOT to say to Me.

But, I saw one of your movies and you have sex with guys....if people can pay you to make porn I should be able to pay you to have sex with Me? No honey boo boo, those are porn movies...they are FANTASY. NOT reality. Looks like you need a lesson in fantasy and reality, you should book a training session with Me so I can teach you......just because I have starred in (and won awards for) My adult films does NOT mean you are entitled to absolutely anything regarding My body.

Not even if I pay double? NO! This is not up for negotiation. I suggest you look up an escort, who will be able to provide you with what you are looking for, I am a professional Dominatrix NOT a prostitute.

Is it acceptable to tip or bring gifts and offerings? Yes of course, this is a wonderful way to impress Mistress. You can see My wishlist here. If we've done a session and it was so amazing you feel the need to tip that is absolutely acceptable.

Can I be a slave in one of your videos? Maybe., and it's a very big maybe. I occasionally need slaves for videos, sessions, and camshows. This does NOT mean that you session with Me for free OR that I pay you. I choose slaves of course who I think are hot and who I have great energy. This means we've sessioned together before on a professional level to get to know each other. I don't like when slaves try to entice Me to session with them for free by offering to be in videos...trust Me I get five messages like this a day and I say no to all of them too.

Can I have photos from our session together, or video? Yes indeed you can. For an additional donation of course. Depending on what you are looking for I can come up with a price, be it a few poloroids to take with you, a whole set of digital POV images, or if we have someone else come in and video us together for you to take home. Let Me know what you are looking for and we can come up with a fair price.

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Do you make custom videos for fans? Yes! This is one of My most favorite things to do. The tribute will depend on


what you are looking for, how long you want the video to be, and a number of other factors. You can check out the Custom Videos page here.

Can I buy your dvd/s calendars, panties? Yes I always have all sorts of things for sale, please send Me a message on the general comment form here: and let Me know what you are looking for and I'll let you know what's available. You can also see a list of signed posters, photos, t shirts stockings etc for purchase directly thru My link here: http://jaydadiamonde.myphonesite.com/website-operator.html/7038/Bellavendetta

I'm afraid to do a session because you might do something I don't like: That's fine, let Me put your mind at ease. Pre negotiations are EXTREMELY important to Me, doing things truly against your will does not get Me hot. All of your limits will be respected, I only play safely, sanely and consensually. We will discuss what you are looking for, and what we will do during our session, no surprises we have not discussed. I want you to leave Me desiring more, not feeling traumatized. We will discuss marks if any and plenty of aftercare. You will be given a safe word in case things start to go in a direction you are uncomfortable with.


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