I have a varied history in dance and theater. These days My love for being on stage has manifested to feature dancing at gentlemanís clubs, and burlesque performances.

I put on a great show, incorporate costumes and love to interact with the audience.

If you are interested in having Me feature at your strip club please let Me know! I can craft multiple stage shows in one night, or even just make a special guest appearance with the rest of your dancers. I can be available for Polaroids with fans, lap dances, and have a merch table with dvds t shirts etc.

if you are a FAN in the new england area and you REALLY want to see Me strip and I am not appearing at a club near you anytime soon..then there is a possibility you could sweet talk Me into making a special appearance if you agree to prepay for a champagne room. Please inquire about rates.

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I have been a feature entertainer as many well known strip and gentlemanís clubs across the northeast.


Perhaps you are interested in having Me as a burlesque performer in your show or revue. I am frequently in NYC and Boston and love exploring different burlesque venues in both cities. I am also available to travel with accommodations paid for of course. I worked with the Bing Bamboo Room, burlesque troupe in albany NY for over three years and have also been a headlining act at events like, Dark Oddyssey winter fire as well as appearing with Bon Appetit Burlesque, Scooter Pie After Midnight Show, Pretty in Pink NYC and many more.

My shows can range from campy and funny (even clown strip shows) to traditional fringe and feathers and tease. I also love doing fetish shows with other sexy models. Please give Me as much info as possible about what you are looking to book Me for.

I would be happy to provide videos or references for companies I have worked for and performances I have done.

You can even check out My youtube channel for some of My more tame burlesque shows and dances:




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