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If you are interested in commissioning Me to create a custom, one of a kind video of your fantasy please get in touch! I have had some GREAT times exploring fetishes I never even knew existed for custom videos. Prices vary depending on what you are looking for, how many people will be involved, the length of the photos/videos and how much effort I will have to put forth to make your fantasy into a video! I can say your name, even act out a script you have written. I've done ALL kinds of custom videos, from SPH, to dialing pay phones, to deep mouth kissing to girl/girl foot fetish.

This is another thing that I get asked a lot, and after a lot of back and forth and rereading of scripts a lot of clients don't actually come through when it comes time to pay up and book everything. If this is something you are serious about purchasing a gift from My wishlist BEFORE you even contact Me would be recommended. It's a nice way for Me to weed out flakes. You can find My wishlist here. Videos are bruned to DVD and mailed to you (generally with a few extra gifts as well, even sometimes the panties I have worn for your video!) unless you would like them digitally via a file sharing service. 

I have recently joined the Customs4U team and they make it really super easy to commission a custom video project from Me. There's even a list of the sort of things I am interested in and a form for you to fill out and they deal with all payment issues.



description of video you are looking for:


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