General Contact

when contacting Mistress Bella please be respectful and courteous at all times. She is a respected professional in many fields and does not have time for or tolerate RUDENESS.

You may address Me as Mistress, or just Bella if you are more comfortable

do NOT refer to me as bb, hun, baby, sweetie, darlin or any other pet name you feel you have the right to force on Me without knowing Me.

Please READ all of the info I have taken time to write out for you on this site. If you ask me questions which are clearly answered within the site I will assume you are lazy, incapable of following simple instructions and I will not waste My time with you. Act like an adult. Use your words. Form complete sentences. Remember that in many cases you are contacting a Mistress you wish to serve and you should WANT to make a good impression. Do not send Me a few strung together words like, how much, or session today?

Treat Me like a human being and I will afford you the same courtesy, do not speak to Me as if you are ordering a bag of chips at the minimart.

If you would like a GOOD example of how to send a polite letter of introduction see here: if you would like a BAD example you may peruse the rest of the website.

Send your well thought out email to: [email protected]


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