Chef Bella

you may or may not know this, but I am a total foodie. I come from a long line of professional chefs. I have worked in kitchens doing traditional northern italian food with My family since I could see over the counter.

I also spent time training as a professional chef at a yoga retreat and learned a lot about vegan cooking, macrobiotic cooking and natural foods.

I also went on to open and write the menu for an organic restaurant which has now since closed.

I have had the opportunity to be personal chef and cater for many well known celebrities.

I've also done catering for yoga retreats and workshops as well as this past year doing catering for almost a month for the new england puppet school and for Overland intensive workshops. In addition to all that of course I have cooked many meals enjoyed by Mistresses and Masters from around the world at La Domaine Esemar, and for lots of well known pornstars, and this past summer for a group of 100 during the annual ROP BBQ three days of flesh hooks and great food!

You can see My blog for examples of My culinary creations every week.

you can also find Me on instagram as Bella Vendetta and I post lots of food porn there!

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Chef Bella

My love for cooking and porn has now manifested into a naked cooking webcam show, and My newest adventure.


Sexy private cheffing

I am available to come into your home and cook you dinner. A domesticated pornstar experience in the comfort of your own home. I also have a whole service team including naked waitresses, slaves to serve and sous chefs to help Me in the kitchen.

I can come cook for you, or your friends and have a dinner party!

I can even cater your event with stellar food and sexy servers.

Itís also so easy and fun to turn it into dinner and a show!

Menus can be as simple as curry chicken salad sandwiches, kale salad and lentil brown rice soup, or something truly decadent like seafood lasagna and homemade bread. I have an incredibly broad spectrum of dishes I am GREAT at and am happy to plan a menu with you, or send samples of My past menus.

I also have a banquet hall available here in Berkshire County for your private dinner parties...

Prices on these dinner packages varies considerably depending on what you are looking for, please send Me a polite email letting Me know a bit about yourself and what you are looking for.




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