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I LOVE doing live webcam shows and interacting with my fans. Itís a great way to e-meet people who might be in other countries or too far to come to one of my in store signings, or feature dancing, or real time BDSM sessions or conventions.

Before you schedule a live show with me you should know what kind of shows I offer and what I like doing on cam to be sure that we both have an awesome time.

I LOVE doing Pro Domme and BDSM sessions online. It's a great way for people to be able to serve me who might be too far to do it in person. I love doing sissy slut training, humiliation sessions and tease and denial. I welcome cross dressers, bi subs, strap on lovers and ALL walks of life.

I have a wide variety of different toys, whips, ropes and a LARGE variety of fetish attire.

I am allergic to latex but can do shows in shiny tight spandex and vinyl.

I also have shoes! Shoes shoes!! Open toed shoes, thigh high boots in shiny vinyl, super high platform shoes, flip flops, combat boots, big huge leather boots, and leather corsets and jackets and gloves galore!

I have perfectly pedicured, tattooed size 7 feet and LOVE doing foot fetish and toe shows of all kinds.

I also love doing good old fashioned strip shows! I am a dancer after all and I love showing my body off!

I also love garter belts, thigh high stockings, fishnets etc. I have a HUGE collection of hoisery! cuban heeled stockings, tights, nude, black, backseamed, bright, sheer pantyhose and tons of knee socks! Did I mention my corsets yet? satin ones, silk ones, leather ones, vinyl ones! YAH! I have alot of fetish attire! And I LOVE to show it off. I pick a different outfit for myself each day that I cam, depending on my mood that day.

If you would like a special outfit or costume you MUST schedule shows with me ahead of time!

I do role play shows, and do have costumes for army babe, nurse, school girl, maid etc.

Additionally, you can always buy me gifts from My Wishlist and then I can wear my gift for you in our show! Additionally, if you would like to see me in a certain pair of panties, and then buy those panties from me, this is absolutely possible! Again, we can work out those details via a personal message you send to me.

I do toy shows every once in a while. I have to be in the right mood. toys meaning dildos etc, But I don't put any huge toys in my butt or do double penetration, gaping, squirting, fisting or gagging.

I do not do gaping of any kind, , I do not squirt, I do not do gagging shows.

I LOVE to cum on cam and get Myself off, however I do NOT do fake orgasms and I cannot cum on command so if youíd like to see Me have a real orgasm donít start barking demands at Me.

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I also sometimes cam on Saturday nights in the members chat for EroticBPM, you can buy a membership by going here:

When you buy a membership thru My link I get 50% of the sale! Isn't being an informed porn consumer fun! It's also a nice gesture to support Mistress and independently produced pornography.

I have also started to sporadically do things like naked cooking shows etc on Chaturbate. If there's enough interest I may do some more...

You can find Me here:


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